The architectural residence organized as part of broader “Pavilion78’’ initiative took place in Ivano-Frankivsk on July 12-22. The initiative was created by “Teple Misto” platform and enterprising residents with the aim to renovate the space in front of an old printery and turn it into an urban yard.

The goal of this residence was to gather young Ukrainian architects and put their efforts into creating a development concept for the yard, taking into consideration people’s views and stakeholders’ interests.

CANactions School graduates were actively involved in the event: Olexandr Shevchenko is the project’s coordinator and Yaroslav Yakovlyev is the architectural curator, meanwhile ‘Comixans’ project supported it financially, Anna Pashynska, Volodymyr Didiuk and Anton Suchar were the participants.

New concept includes different mobile utilities, for example, a terrace for movie screenings, a children's space etc.,, and usage scenarios can vary depending on particular hour or period of the year. More information can be found on their Facebook-page!

(photo - Марго Дідіченко)

(photo - Ярослав Яковлєв)

(“Павільйон78” results)


Graduates of the School’s second studio Olexandr Shutyuk and Olexandra Sladkova, on behalf of City Development Department of Lviv City Council, held a workshop about redevelopment of modernistic courtyards in late June.

The event has gathered about 30 young and talented architects and landscape designers, who were interested in the initiative.

Throughout the workshop week participants were communicating with the locals, analyzing physical contexts, being divided into several teams. As the result of the workshop 6 strategic plans for 6 different courtyards  were created, taking into account preferences of the locals and latest zoning tendencies. The results were presented for broader audience at Ukrainian Catholic University and at Lviv City Council session. Olexandra Sladkova, one of the workshop ideologists, said implementation is still quite a challenging task. Nevertheless, you can look through their results and track their successes by following them on Facebook!

(project by Оленa Зварич, Іринa Брусенцовa, Анастасії Обрубанська, Ольга Шевчук)

(project by Максим Коцюба, Анна Рибчук, Нікіта Бєлокопитов, Володимир Кричківський, Надія Рихлівська)


Kateryna Karelshtein and Anatolii Niemtsov, STUDIO#2 graduates  who spent 3 months exploring Kramatorsk, continued their contribution to Donbas post-conflict renovation. They have joined an initiative called "Building Ukraine Together", that is aimed at restoration of destroyed infrastructure in this affected by the military conflict region. “Building Ukraine Together” was found in 2014 in order to involve active youth in peacebuilding promotion in Donbas region through volunteering and cultural activities. Volunteers covered major cities in the region - Kramatorsk, Slovyansk, Kostiantynivka, Severodonetsk, Svatove, Mariupol and other.

We are happy to discover our graduates’ new projects and will keep our eyes on their post-School activities.

(photo - “Будуємо Україну Разом”)

(photo - Катерина Карельштейн)