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Publishing the Ukrainian version of
"Cities for People" by Jan Gehl

CANactions in collaboration with Osnovy publishing provide translation and publishing the Ukrainian version of "Cities for People" by Jan Gehl.

For more than fifty years Jan Gehl has helped to transform urban environments around the world based on his research into the ways people actually use—or could use—the spaces where they live and work.

The book has been published in 32 languages and has become a must-read book for everyone, who acts or is interested in urban development all over the world. Jan Gehl is an architect, professor and famous expert on the quality of the urban environment with impressive experience in designing of public spaces. He understands the city's problems deeply and offers approaches and ways for their solution.

The presentation of the book will be held at the CANactions Festival on April 21 in Kyiv. Jan Gehl will visit Ukraine for the first time and will present the "Cities for People" to the Ukrainian audience.

As a result of Jan Gehl's book publication, we will begin the appearance and distribution of high-quality Ukrainian-language professional literature in the field of architecture and urban development. This book, like no other, will promote the issues of modern urbanistics among professionals and a wide audience.

Get your copy of Ukrainion edition of "Cities for People" by Jan Gehl supporting the project at

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