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Publication on the results of the Advanced Studies in Integrated Urban Development 2017/2018

This publication is the end product of Advanced Studies in Integrated Urban Development 2017/2018 educational program based on the CANactions School methodology and aimed at introducing strategic design and integrated planning approach to the real-life functioning of Ukrainian cities considered in a wider context of dynamic transformations in Central-Eastern Europe and developing countries at large.

Together with curator Urs Thomann and under the supervision of an Education Program Team, 27 students of ASIUD 2017/2018 studied the theoretical foundations of integrated urban development and strategic planning as well as developing effective scenario-based planning and design proposals, prototyping and moderating the implementation of pilot projects focused on the case of Zboїshchia neighborhood in Lviv.
The re-loaded "ASIUD 2.0" has become a response to CANactions self-claim to be project-oriented (in a sense of having a project development process as a core element of the educational process) and, at the same time, to still be able to provide the students a space for obtaining the new knowledge provoking them to constantly reflect on the project work and their study in a critical way.
The publication contains the final projects of the interdisciplinary groups of the program participants reflecting the process of elaborating, testing and representing ideas and concepts shaped during the studying, as well as texts by mentors and teachers of ASIUD 2017/18: Vladyslav Tyminskyi, Urs Thomann, Yegor Vlasenko, Rudolf Gräf, Michael Engel, Mirjam Niemeyer, Andrius Nemickas. The work presents many images, collages, photos that have been developed within the educational process.

The general principles and approaches of research and the step-by-step project work outlined in the publication are relevant and valuable for exploring and applying by the wide audience of professionals.
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