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Open call for a workshop Emphasising the Edge

After being in the air, passengers arrive at the linear road that brings them to the thousand-year-old capital.

It is a departure road and the route to say goodbye. What memories should the passengers bring with them from this journey, from this last road before the clouds? And for some of them, it is the first impression, the first way to discover Kyiv and Ukraine. What is the feeling we want our visitors to have?

This ordinary road connects Kyiv with its suburban neighborhoods and is different from any other routes. Businessmen travel along it every day on their way to the airport. But, it is not just a road. It is an immersion in the city that displays multiple horizons and different scales questioning the spatial organization of this place, the way people use it and the everyday life of those who live by it.

This strategic road offers a true perspective of the Kyiv area: From the Boryspil airport to the historical center, along with the forest filled with pine trees, the excessive Pozniaky neighborhood, the Dnipro river and green hills.

The workshop will start from the subjective analysis of Kyiv and the road from the Boryspil International Airport to the city.
After the visit to the site participants will develop a concept. The rendering, in the form of a model, will highlight a diversity of concepts and enrich the reflection on the concept of landscape. During 5-days workshop participants will have the opportunity to explore this path, embrace or transform it.

5-days workshop;

BRUNO TANANT is a co-founder of TN +, a landscape designer, graduate student and teacher at the l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage in Versailles, a visiting teacher of architectural schools in Paris, Leoni and Grenoble. Member of the French State Council for Landscape Design (paysagiste conseil de l'état).

MATHILDE SIVRÉ is a landscape architect from the National School of Landscape in Versailles. During this training, she has acquired a global vision of the landscape and these issues. At the time of ERASMUS exchange in Hanover, Germany, she studied the landscapes of Europe and completed her graduation degree on the future of Soviet new cities in Ukraine with the example of Novyi Rozdil ( Lviv Oblast). Currently, she works at the Grenoble Institute of Urban Planning and specializes in environmental urban planning;

architects, designers, cultural institutions, NGOs, landscape architect, students;

10.09 – 14.09; 10:00 – 18:00



Fee — 500 UAH, that will cover room rent;
50% discount for students;

Applications deadline 5.09.2018
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