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The personal statement should include the following: Intellectual rationale for your choice and interest in applying to the program;Previous academic and/or professional background in relation to the program theme and sub-theme; Other experience that contributes to your program sub-theme choice; What are your long-term academic and/or professional goals and how will this program help you achieve these? Any other information you feel to be relevant.You are encouraged to demonstrate familiarity with the subject area and the selected themes for which you are applying for.
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You are asked to select the preferable sub-theme of the workshop group. By selecting the sub-theme, you are assigned to work closely with the institution and mentor of that theme, as well as the location of the one-week intensive workshop. It is mandatory to join the workshop location (offline format) of the chosen sub-theme.

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Visual materials of selected work (e.g. portfolio, website link) or publication/article, academic experience related to the program's curatorial and theme supported by a CV. Please upload your documents as a pdf file-max. 25MB.
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