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Participants of the ADVANCED STUDIES IN INTEGRATED URBAN DEVELOPMENT 2017/2018 program, focused on urban development professionals, presented the results of their 7-month work at the CANactions Festival. The program was attended by 28 participants from Ukraine, India and Georgia.

Under the guidance of foreign and Ukrainian experts and mentors, the participants worked on the selected research object ("Zboishcha" district in Lviv). Curator: Urs Thomann / CANactions School. Mentors and tutors: Michael Engel / GIZ, Rudolf Gräf / CIM Expert at Chernivtsi City Council / GIZ, Mirjam Niemejer / helsinkizurich, Paul McCabe / Hyper Island, Vladyslav Tyminskyi / CANactions School, Grisha Zotov / architectural prescription, Oana Simionescu / Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Astrid Ley / Stuttgart University, Andrius Nemickas / CANactions School.
CANactions School, Kyiv Cyclists' Association and Kyiv City State Administration held a "Street Design for Urban Qualities and Mobility" Summer School in Kyiv in July 2018 with an aim to train a new generation of Ukrainian transport planners and urban planners in their work with contemporary principles of street space design that should improve urban streets to places where people move, meet and live.

26 participants worked on a practical case Sherbakivskoho street – the central street of Nyvky neigborhood in Kyiv.

Curators: Han van de Wetering / Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau, Urs Thomann / CANactions School and Ueli Weber / ZHAW University of Applied Sciences.

The results of the Summer School were transferred to the Kyiv City State Administration for consideration before developing the project of planned reconstruction of Sherbakivskoho street.
ASIUD 2017/18
Summer School
Integrated Spatial Planning for Amalgamated Hromadas program is focused on adaptation of European urban and regional development policies and strategic spatial planning toolkit to the specific scale and real-life functioning of newly formed territorial communities — amalgamated hromadas.

30 spatial planning practitioners work together with representatives of 30 hromadas from all over Ukraine and jointly develop scenarios for the development of the settlements and territories of hromadas within the program's framework.

After the Introduction Seminar, which was held November 12–14, 29 participants of the program attended a field trip to Scandinavia. Studio workshops will start from January 2019 and will be directed toward development of local spatial development concepts for 30 Ukrainian hromadas.

Curator: Urs Thomann / CANactions School.

The program is organized by CANactions School with support from U-LEAD with Europe programme.
Integrated Spatial Planning for Amalgamated Hromadas
CANactions 2018
Annual Report
In addition to our main location in Kyiv (Ukraine), CANactions School opened a satellite for postgraduate studies in the Netherlands offering a program with the focus on interdisciplinary research, strategic urban design, and planning.

Starting from 2019, the satellite will study the global phenomena of migration of people & knowledge and its local spatial implications by means of exploring real-world urban conditions, best practices and spatial planning models in different cultural contexts — within and beyond the 'West'.

We are excited to announce the Open Call to the first international program organised by CANactions School and our Dutch partners the Independent School for the City — the Spring School 'Borders are for Crossing', that will take place in Rotterdam in March 2019.

The program's teaching staff will be composed of curators, tutors, lecturers, and invited experts from the wide international network of CANactions School and the Independent School for the City who have a vast professional experience in both academia and praxis and are well acquainted with contemporary challenges and trends in the cities of both 'developed' and 'developing' countries.

Application deadline: February 4th, 2019.
Розширюючи горизонти:
перша міжнародна програма
CANactions School у Нідерландах
На додаток до нашого офісу в Києві, CANactions відкрила школу післядипломної освіти в Нідерландах, пропонуючи програму, сфокусовану на міждисциплінарних дослідженнях, стратегічному міському дизайні та плануванні.

Школа CANactions оголосила набір учасників першої міжнародної програми — Весняної Школи 'Borders are for Crossing', яка буде проходити з 18-25 березня 2019 року в Роттердамі. Школа організована CANactions School разом з нашими голландськими партнерами the Independent School for the City.

Мета Школи — дослідження впливу трансферу людей, ідей, товарів та фінансів на просторові, соціальні, економічні та політичні процеси в в межах та поза межами країн Заходу.

Куратори: Mirjam Niemeyer, Vladyslav Tyminskyi / CANactions School, Michelle Provoost , Mike Emmerik / Independent School for the City.

Кінцевий термін прийому заявок: 4 лютого 2019 року.

CANactions Public Program
We organized more than 60 open public lectures, workshops, master-classes, discussions and architours with professionals from around the world, including:

— workshop Emphasising the Edge curated by Mathilde Sivré, Bruno Tanant (FR).
— workshop Cultural Narratives curated by Neha Korde, Nishant Modi, Shrish Jaiswal, Prakriti Mehta (IN).

— lectures: Dan Kinkead (US), Astrid Ley (DE), Pippo Ciorra (IT), Grisha Zotov (NL), Maciej Siuda (PL), Julian Restrepo (CO), Daniel Campo (US), Brent D. Ryan (US), Rune Veile (DK), Benjamin Kohl (DE), Tiberiu Ciolacu (RO), Günter Katherl (AT),Jean-Christophe Masson (FR), Romea Muryń (PL), Igor Steinke (DE), Nishant Modi (IN), Shrish Jaiswal (IN), Prakriti Mehta(IN), Neha Korde (IN), Maksym Rokmaniko (UA), Viktor Zotov (UA), Vadym Denysenko (UA), Pavlo Fedoriv (UA), Charity Hung (US), Gülcan Orak (TR), Merve Akı (TR), Celal Tolga Imamoglu (TR), Kate Ro (UA), Maksym Holovko (UA), Yegor Vlasenko (UA), Maksym Kotsiuba (UA), Anton Oliynyk (UA), Dmytro Makagon (UA), Oleksandra Nikitenko (UA) ,Anastasiia Daniliuk (UA), Daria Prydybailo-Pashchenko(UA) and othersі;

— architour with Dan Kinkead (US);
— master class on urban sociology with Maria Hryshchenko (UA);
— movie screening Braslia: Life After Design with film director Bart Simpson (CA);
— discussions "DBN. Civilized norms" and "Nova Kontraktova. Answers".

In addition, together with our partners, we organized and visited public events in Minsk, Graz, Tallin, Rotterdam, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro and other Ukrainian cities.
11th CANactions International Architecture Festival
The main topic of Festival 2018 was CONNECTIONS.

— 2 Festival locations

— over 2000 guests

— 13 speakers from all over the world: Jan Gehl/Gehl Architects, Markus Appenzeller/MLA+, Ken Smith/Ken Smith Workshop, Louise Fiil Hansen/SLA, Tommi Mäkynen/Helsinkizürich, Grisha Zotov/Architectural Prescription and others.

— 4 best world architecture festivals, which became co-curators of various events in Kyiv this year: London Festival of Architecture, Copenhagen Architecture Festival, URBAN FORUM Almaty, New Generations.

— 2 mixed architectural tours around the green Edge along the Dnipro River in the city center with Festival keynote speakers as the leaders of these walks: Haris Piplas/ETH Zürich, U-TT, Martijn De Wit/Physical Planning Department City of Amsterdam, Dirk Iede Terpstra/Physical Planning Department City of Amsterdam, Viktor Zotov/ZOTOV&CO, Matthias Rammig/Transsolar, Benjamin Hossbach/[phase eins].

— Director of Swiss Architecture Museum (S AM) Andreas Ruby presented the Schweizweit exhibition in the framework of Festival 2018.
12th CANactions International Architecture Festival will take place in Kyiv from May 17-18, 2019.

This year, the Festival will be focused on an exploration of a notion of HROMADA — Ukrainian name for the community, which is embedded into the country's historic and cultural codes and reflected in contemporary social movements and architectural forms.

Early bird tickets
New Podil Competition
CANactions together with SAGA DEVELOPMENT in partnership with the Perfect Group hold the Closed International Urban Design Blitz-Competition for the Concept of New Public Space for New Podil in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Five international architecture studios from Australia, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and Sweden took part in the Competition.

The winner — OMGEVING studio from Belgium was announced in the framework of the CANactions Festival.
Design Competition to the National Memorial of Heavenly Hundred Heroes and Revolution of Dignity Museum in Kyiv
CANactions became a local partner of the bureau [phase eins]., Germany, which organized and held the International Design to the National Memorial of Heavenly Hundred Heroes and Revolution of Dignity Museum in Kyiv.

The winners of the nomination "the National Memorial of Heavenly Hundred Heroes" are Irina Volynets and Maria Protsyk from MIstudio, Ukraine, the Netherlands. The winners of the nomination "the Revolution of Dignity Museum" became Prof. Jan Kleihues and Johannes Kressner / Kleihues Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Germany.
The 10th Anniversary Youth Architects Competition
Within the framework of CANactions Festival among more than 85 ukrainian architects under the age of 35 were selected three winners. They received the opportunity to get a Master Degree at the Dessau Institute of Architecture, present their own projects at the first London Symposium by London Festival of Architecture, as well as tickets for participation in all events of the International Architecture Festival reSITE in Prague.
Ukrainian version of "Cities for People" by Jan Gehl
CANactions in collaboration with Osnovy publishing translated and published the Ukrainian version of "Cities for People" by Jan Gehl.

The presentation of the book was held at the CANactions Festival 2018. Jan Gehl visited Ukraine for the first time and presented the "Cities for People" to the Ukrainian audience.

We have great plans for the development of CANactions Publishing. New books being prepared for publication in 2019.
Publication on the results of the Advanced Studies in Integrated Urban Development 2017/18
This publication is the end product of ASIUD 2017/18 educational program and based on the CANactions School methodology.

The publication contains the final projects of the interdisciplinary groups of the program participants reflecting the process of elaborating, testing and representing ideas and concepts shaped during the studying, as well as texts by mentors and teachers of ASIUD 2017/18.

The general principles and approaches of research and the step-by-step project work outlined in the publication are relevant and valuable for exploring and applying by the wide audience of professionals.

Thank everyone for this amazing year!
Let's make 2019 even better.

CANactions Team: Viktor Zotov, Urs Thomann, Valentyna Zotova, Mirjam Niemeyer, Theo Hauben, Grisha Zotov, Vladyslav Tyminskyi, Yegor Vlasenko, Anastasia Zhuravel, Olena Kozakova, Danya Nesterevych, Olena Vozniak, Vitalii Khrystevych, Olena Pitirimova, Maria Gryshchenko, Igor Tyshchenko, Oleksandr Shcheglov, Margo Didichenko, Maria Mayor.

Photo: Margo Didichenko
Illustrations: Zoreslava Pendeliuk

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