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Assistant Tutor /

CANactions School for Urban Studies is looking for a skilled facilitator who would streamline group work and ensure involvement of all students during the School's educational programs. Portfolio of tasks for this position also includes participation in educational program design, support of the School's tutors and mentors and moderation of CANactions' public events.

Expected skills and attributes:

■ proved experience teaching/lecturing, coordinating participatory planning sessions and public hearings/debates or experience in facilitation acquired in a different way;

■ good understanding of principles of group dynamics, public discussions and cross-cultural communication;

■ ability to manage time, stress level and conflicts during the group work;

■ outstanding discipline and ability to organize group work over a long period of time with aid of software tools for project management (project calendar, timeline, progress reports and feedback forms);

■ educational background in architecture, urban planning, urban design, public administration or other relevant discipline and/or prior research activities within urban studies is a plus.

The work may also include performance of other duties, such as administrative tasks and occasional teaching and research.

The deadline to apply for the position is at 23:59 EET on May 1, 2018.
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Describe your prior experience with facilitating group work, indicating educational formats, size of groups, and overall set-up and objectives of events in which group work took place.
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