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Open International Architectural Ideas Competition for complex integration of Memorial Area in Kyiv, Ukraine. Babyn Yar – Dorogozhichy Necropolis

Client: The Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (a Canadian non-profit)

The scope of the competition is the territory which historically included Babyn Yar—the site of the mass murder and burials of Kyiv's Jews and other killings during the German occupation of Kyiv and the surrounding area, including the historical multi-faith necropolis that had been in formation over many centuries and included Christian Orthodox, a Jewish, a Karaite, a Muslim, military as well as other cemeteries, as well as the area of the 1961 Kurenivka disaster.

Format: The Competition is held as an open international architectural ideas single-stage competition.
Jury and experts
■ Barbara Aronson (Israel) urban and town planner, landscape architect
■ Marti Franch Batllori (Spain) landscape architect
■ Dr. Markus Jatsch (United Kingdom) architect
■ Mykhaylo Hershenzon (Ukraine) architect
■ Dr. Vladyslav Hrynevych (Ukraine) historian, political scientist
■ Jörg Michel (Germany) landscape architect, landscape gardener
■ Jimmy Norrman (Sweden) landscape architect, architect
■ Olivier Philippe (France) landscape architect / UIA representative
■ Dr. Dieter Pohl (Germany) historian
■ Serhiy Tselovalnyk (Ukraine) chief Architect of Kyiv (2010–2015)
■ Prof. James E. Young (USA) historian
The jury recommends to combine the prize money of the 1st & 2nd prize and to equally divide it and award it to the two 2nd prizes. The winners are: the team of architects from Lubliana, Slovenia (#BG3897): Jana Petkovic, Nejc Lebar, Maja Valentic, Milos Kosec.