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Life and Death of the (Post-)Socialist Countryside
18:00 (CET)/19:00 (EEST) 13 August 2020
The impact of socialism on rural areas of Eastern and Central Europe had been tremendous and highly divisive– its utopian agricultural communes emerged in the terror of collectivization and eliminated the traditional, often family-based agricultural production. The disintegration of the versatile infrastructure of collective farming in 1990-s together with the states that gave a start to it – USSR, Yugoslavia, Polish People's Republic, GDR and others – has led to the second major shock to the rural communities at the end of the century.

With privatization instead of collectivization leading the way, what is the condition of the post-socialist countryside and its cooperation ideals? What happened to the land and the people on it? And what can we learn from consecutive consolidation, decentralization and disintegration affecting the same rural land and communities within a single lifespan?

MODERATOR: Yegor Vlasenko, is currently a visiting scholar at MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Previously, he served as a program director.

at CANactions School, project coordinator at GIZ Ukraine and Kyiv School of Economics. He currently devotes himself to studying Ukraine's present and immediate past from the lenses of urban and rural development, housing and monumental art.

SPEAKERS: Tilman Haseloff was born in 1994 in Berlin. He studied Fine Arts and Architecture at the University of Arts Berlin, he is member of the editorial board of the "Protocol Magazine for Architecture in context" and is now living and working at "Maudi" in Tbilisi, Georgia. He likes Nirvana and Gogol.

Dijana Milenov is a recent graduate from Masters of Architecture at MIT. Originally from Serbia, she has work experience in the USA, Israel and France. Her main professional interest is the idea of commons and the ways it applies to architecture.

Wojciech Mazan is an MPhil student at the AA School of Architecture in London. His dissertation focuses on the post-socialist countryside of Poland. He is a co-founder of PROLOG, which curates the exhibition in the Polish Pavilion at the Biennale Architettura 2021.

* The housing block for former workers of State Agricultural Farm in Meszno, Poland.
Image source: PROLOG

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