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Editor of website and

We are looking for qualified editor who would plan, develop and oversee all printed and digital publications produced by CANactions and manage CANactions website.

Expected skills and attributes:

■ prior work experience with media and/or publishing house, preferably specialized in fields of design, architecture or urbanism;

■ ability to navigate freely through publications in specialized media (Volume, Wired, Ruby Press, ArchDaily, Guardian Cities) and pick up trends;

■ lexical richness of written language (English and Ukrainian), ability to integrate professional jargon into publications addressed to different audiences;

■ strategic mindset, ability to determine optimal style, format and platform for publications;

■ openness to collaboration with CANactions' educational programs curators and assistance with production and post-production of educational program outcomes;

■ ability to produce clear and detailed terms of reference for designer, publisher or web developer and ensure quality of produced publications.

The work may also include performance of other duties, such as administrative tasks and occasional research.

The deadline to apply for the position is at 23:59 EET on May 1, 2018.
First name
Last name
City of Residence
Date of birth
Statement of motivation (up to 500 words).
link to portfolio (Optional)
Test. Suggest and plan an interview with prominent expert in the field of Architecture & Urbanism. Expected product – a document that explains the choice of expert, provides short bio of the expert and summary of previous interviews with her/him, suggests topic and list of questions for interview and provides recommendations in regards to style, format of the interview and destination (media that would publish it). Format: single PDF file in English.