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Lecture: "The development of
the Kytaiv territory"

Speakers: Andriy Vavrysh, CEO SAGA Development Grisha
Zotov, Architectural Prescription Andriy Batin, Agenty Zmin
Date: 26.12.2018
Time: 19:00
City: Kyiv
Venue: National Art Museum of Ukraine, 6 Hrushevskogo St.,
Enter: free with registration
Language: Ukrainian
SAGA Development in collaboration with CANactions, architectural bureau Architectural Prescription, ZOTOV&CO and the Agenty Zmin establish a new approach by launching a site development project of the historic area of Kytaiv. The main idea of the project is to explore the prospects, the territory potential and to design possible scenarios for its furtherance. During the event the speakers will tell about the area history and features, they will share the results of the initial study as well as represent the area spatial development concept. Also, the Agenty Zmin, who will further organize the process of communicating with residents and involving of the stakeholders will provide a vision of this process. With what should the process of the valuable urban area begin with? What stages ought to and might precede the territory intervention? The discussion on these and other issues will set up on December 26th in the framework of the CANactions Public Program.
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