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CANactions 2017
Annual Report

Competitions & Grants
    Within the program were supported 10 Urban projects from all over Ukraine in seven categories that were selected by the jury members from 513 applications. The program is conducted jointly with the Western NIS Enterprise Fund for a total amount of $ 50,000.
      Urban Action
      The joint project of British Council Ukraine and the Goethe-Institut, where two revitalization projects in medium post-industrial cities were selected through an open competition. Teams received not only funding for a total of 30,000 euros, but also were supported by mentors from Britain and Germany.
        Youth Competition
        Within the limits of the 10th anniversary CANactions festival, among the more than 70 Ukrainian architects under the age of 35, three winners were selected. They received the opportunity to study at the Dessau Institute of Architecture and take part in an international workshop, as well as a cash prize from the partner (Ukrcement Association).
          Street Geberit 2.0
          For the second time together with Geberit Company the All-Ukrainian Competition of Design of Public restroom Street Geberit for the Peremoga Park in Nikolaev was held. Within the competition 42 projects were submitted, four winners received cash awards for a total of UAH 65,000. The project, that took the first place, is currently planned for implementation within the reconstruction of the park.

            The 10 th Anniversary International Architecture Festival CANactions
              The 10 th Anniversary CANactions Festival on June 2-3 within two days brought together 3000 guests from all over Ukraine and other countries at the Mystetsky Arsenal in Kyiv.

              The main theme of CANactions 2017 was the idea of Values, both in the context of architecture, and in life in general. The Festival became a platform in Ukraine for the exchange of opinions and ideas in the frame of modern architecture.

              Leading architects from 11 countries of the world became the speakers of the main scene: Martin Rein-Cano / TOPOTEK 1, Hans van der Heijden / Hans van der Heijden Architect, Florian Idenburg / SO – IL, Christoph Schneider / SAM Architekten, Jord den Hollander / AFFR, Simon Vinzent / Arcgency architects, Alexis Kalagas та Diego Ceresuela-Wiesmann / Urban-Think Tank, Jason Hilgefort / Land+Civilization Compositions, Marc Jay / WE architecture, David Basulto / ArchDaily.

              Within the Festival took place 43 events: 10 lectures, 10 presentations, 6 master classes, 2 discussions, 2 prizes with a total prize fund of 80 000 hryvnias were awarded.

              Two workshops were held at the Festival:

              • During the workshop CYCLING CITIES the participants determined the location of Kyiv based on the characteristics provided by curator: bridges, parks, office buildings, shopping streets, key buildings and together with tutor studied the selected locations, developed a script and filmed their own experience of using the bike. The final result was the creation of a 3-minute movie by each group of bicycle ridings in Kyiv. The films were presented at the CANactions Festival as a video installation. Curator: Jord den Hollander / AFFR

                  60 events within the Public Program
                    We organized more than 60 public open lectures, workshops and architectural walks with professionals from around the world, including:

                    • an Ugly Walk with Irakli Zhvania / Geographic, Tbilisi - Kyiv-based architectural walk where was risen the complex of problems associated with political, social and economic processes in society, that formed an Ugly-image of the city;
                    • a lecture with Gitte Andersen, the architect and founder of the SIGNAL agency, within the framework of the Danish Days in Kharkiv;
                    • Enchanted Kyiv by the Dnipro, architectural and planning workshop with curators Bruno Tanant / TN + and Mathilde Sivre. According to the results of the workshop, the participants proposed five ideas and concepts with proposes of adding new functions of using of the water resources of the Dnipro;
                    • a lecture with Paul McCabe, an expert in design, sociology and facilitation, who consults Fortune500 companies on issues about digital integration into practice and business models.

                    In addition, together with our local partners, we organized public events not only in Kiev, but also in Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities.

                      CANactions School for Urban Studies
                        Participants of the ADVANCED STUDIES IN INTEGRATED URBAN DEVELOPMENT 2016/2017 program, that aimed to adapt the EU urban development policies to the specific scale and real-life functioning of Ukrainian mid-sized cities, presented the results of their 8-month work at the CANactions Festival. The objects of the study of the ASIUD program were Zhytomyr, Poltava, Vinnytsia and Chernivtsi, as well as their connections with the surrounding settlements.

                        The project of the group working on Zhytomyr - "Water tower" won the voting for the choice of the demonstration project "INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT OF THE CITY IN UKRAINE" and will be implemented. In the 2017/18 academic year, the CANactions School launched an updated version of the Advanced Studies in Integrated Urban Development (ASIUD) program focused on urban development professionals. It includes 4 training blocks for 2 weeks each. The program is attended by 28 participants from Ukraine, India and Georgia.

                        Under the guidance of foreign and Ukrainian experts and mentors, the participants work on the selected research object ("Zboishcha" district in Lviv). Within the educational trips to the city of Timisoara, Romania they have conditions for an effective exchange of professional experience.

                        Curator: Urs Thomann / CANactions School.

                        Mentors and tutors: Michael Engel / GIZ, Rudolf Gräf / CIM Expert at Chernivtsi City Council / GIZ, Mirjam Niemejer / helsinkizurich, Paul McCabe / Hyper Island, Vladyslav Tyminskyi / CANactions School, Grisha Zotov / architectural prescription, Oana Simionescu / Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Astrid Ley / Stuttgart University, Andrius Nemickas / CANactions School

                          Leipzig Prize for Integrated Urban Development Award
                            Within the framework of the Second German-Ukrainian Conference on Urban Development, was held an award ceremony of the winners of the Leipzig Prize for Integrated Urban Development where Vladyslav Tyminskyi, CANactions program director, spoke, and Viktor Zotov, CANactions founder, was one of the jury members.

                            We are very happy that among the Prize winners there are many participants and friends of our CANactions community. Graduates of Studio 1 Oleksandra Sladkova and Alexander Shutyuk received recognition prize for their project on gardening of the Lviv urban space. Graduates of the ASIUD 16/17 Tetiana Voloshyna, Maksym Kravchuk and Maksym Kramar (Archiclub, Vinnytsia) were awarded the second prize for the reconstruction of the central town square in Illintsi and others.

                              Strengthening of international networks
                                This year we managed to introduce the Ukrainian audience to professionals from more than 20 European cities. London, Chelsea, Berlin, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Zurich, Dresden, Santiago, Caracas, Tbilisi, Madrid, Paris, Timisoara, Vilnius, Vienna, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Samara, Prague, Kiev, Lviv, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv and Odesa- It has been over 60 speakers from 16 countries.

                                In September at the Future Architecture Festival in Ljubljana finalist of the Future Architecture Platform Adriana Pablos presented a workshop on transforming the Mystetskyi Arsenal space and presented the book based on its results.

                                CANactions team members participated in many Ukrainian and international events:

                                Vladyslav Tyminskyi was a speaker at:
                                • 'Special Lunch Lecture' at the University of Stuttgart;
                                • International Summer School on Sources of Urbanity in Former Mono-functional Towns 'Mapping Visaginas' (Visaginas, Lithuania);
                                • Joint International Student Workshop of the University of Belgrade and the University of Stuttgart in Belgrade, Serbia;
                                • panel discussion within International Mayors Summit in Kyiv;
                                • the Polytechnic University of Timisoara (Department of Architecture and Urbanism) (Timisoara, Romania).

                                Valentyna Zotova took part at:
                                • workshop in Prague initiated by the PCSC, that gathered activists from post-soviet countries and Eastern Europe;
                                • the 5th Future Architecture Platform coordination meeting in Tirana.

                                    Year of cooperation

                                      But nothing of this was possible without an amazing team of people holding the same views and move ahead to their common goal and dream, supporting each other every step of the way, having a great pleasure to work and CAN act together.
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