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Group of authors (Germany):
Pavlo Zabotin
Olena Kobets
Victor Kopieikin
You glorify the foreign, but you don't know your own

The concept of the project is to initiate a path guiding the industrial society back to the regional roots. The Concept is inspired by the history, tradition and nature of Mariupol and its surroundings. The revitalized square is the place where diverse people coexist and influence each other. This place is a market; it is a theatre, a restaurant, a gym, a garden, a monument, a museum, a playground, a pond, an ice rink, a chessboard, and a shipyard for reflection. It is the Heart of the city.

Streets kept simple, green, clean and wild at the same time are easy to maintain and pleasant for a passer-by. Based on this vision, the project reveals possible, future extension of the design site. Suggested modification of Zems'ka Street, Heorhiivs'ka Street and Koval's'kyi Ln introduces additional harmony in the entire concept and creates gentle gates to the main square.

Another feature of the project is the new functionality of the DASU building and its courtyards. It was decided to leave the visual authenticity of the building. Performing small changes in the facade, frontal ground floor and the courtyard area all visitors enjoy modern space, which got integrated to the entire design site. The visible, giant wooden terrace provides not only visual, but also functional connection.

The Project focuses on energy-saving technologies (additional building insulation, sun-protection rails, "galvanized sheet steel" used for the rear-ventilated facade system), which makes its beneficial for the environment. Transforming courtyards for various kinds of functions (festivals, cinema, and exhibitions) and offering possibility to have closed events differentiates the space from the open main square. Additional attraction is the Secret garden, which was designed in order to implement compositional balancing of the building structure of the square at the intersection of Mira Ave and Mykolaivs'ka Street.
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