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Group of authors (Denmark):
Petro Vladimirov
Artur Gilfanov
Into the Mariloop

The monotonous rattle of the trolleybus driving down the Mira Avenue brings you into a dreamy mood. Expecting to observe the same monotonous facades and people, you lean yourself against the window and let your eyes observe the passing landscape. The moment you pass by the intersection with Torgova Street brings you out of your daydream. You realize something has changed since the last time you have been here. No more cars passing by, you see people chatting and sitting on benches, friends are gathering in cozy coffee places, giggling kids running around. The voice announces Vyzvolennia Square. You hop off and the journey begins.

The Square serves as a community gathering space, welcoming people from all over the city and across Ukraine to socialize, eat, and enjoy different events and fairs. The retail spaces are located in the corners, giving people a free access to the square and enabling events to take place all year long. The historical tram and pavement are integrated into the design.

The key for why people want to come here and use the space is the fact that it is fully mixed-use. The Culture and Community Centre as a spine of the building. It is enclosed by the office and retail precincts on both sides, and the whole complex is tight together by the accessible public loop. The retail precinct is designed as a shopping arcade and opens up on both sides of the building: along the loop towards the city and towards the square. The public loop generates foot traffic, which is capitalized upon by smaller retailers.

The public terrace is the rooftop of the office precinct. It introduces a new way of working which brings together time to work with the possibility to enjoy outdoor space. The office precinct is defined by a variety of workspaces. It consists of the coworking space and the office workspace; both of them have a dedicated entrance and core. The sloped terrain allows every building to look over the other, creating various views over the surroundings.

Leaving the beautiful terrace and following the loop you are passing by the Culture and Community Centre, which hosts different schools. A kids art school, a music school, a dance schools and an IT school. You will surely find something which fits your need. The community culture center offers space for public servants and – who knows – in the nearby future the Public Reception of the Mayor of the city will move here as well.

While being fascinated by the view from the terrace, you have just passed two courtyards, which are part of the Culture Center. The first one is the transformer hall. It can change its shape and equipment for different indoor events. The second one hosts halls for music and dance schools. Below them, there is a green recreation area, which is shared by the office workers and visitors of the Culture Center. On the upper floors of the Culture Center, you will find a premium hotel with a great 360-degree view towards the city. It has a dedicated entrance and an elevator to ensure privacy of the visitors.

Coming all over the public loop, you end up in a green park, which invites you to have a rest or come with your kids for a chilled afternoon. The trees and the monument has been preserved.

This space is a way to bring people together. Therefore, it is a place for everyone. It is as simple as that.
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