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3 DEC. 2020
18:00 CET/19:00 EEST
Shaping Coexistence with Ania Molenda / Amateur Cities
A century after the rise of Modern Movement, architecture and urbanism strongly remain centered around concepts established in that era. Concepts of separation, order and efficiency have become nearly synonymous to safety, balance, and guaranteed quality. Facing the rising social tensions and an ecological crisis, we are bound to rethink whether these concepts and their legacy still serve us as designers and as a species. How can we open up some of the conceptual limitations of contemporary architecture to shape new ways of living together in the future?

Ania Molenda is an independent Rotterdam-based researcher, curator and writer. She is a co-founder and director of research and publishing platform Amateur Cities. In her work Ania focuses on the socio-cultural dimension of spatial practices and creates new forms of debate that bring different disciplines together. Before starting an independent career, Ania worked as a researcher and design teacher at TU Delft Faculty of Architecture (The Why Factory) and as an architect at MVRDV, Powerhouse Company and SVESMI. She was a finalist of the Geert Bekaert Award 2019 for architecture criticism, and a co-recipient of the Dutch Design Award 2018.