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8 APR 2021
18:00 CET/19:00 EEST
The Life after "The Death and Life": Why should we read Jane Jacobs in 2021? with Dr. Natalia Otrishchenko
Sixty years after its publication in the United States, Jane Jacobs' cult book "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" reach Ukrainian readers. Like any text, it has its own biography and has originated in a specific time and space. Despite her respectable age, this work continues to inspire people around the world. What is her secret? Why did Jane Jacobs's book become a manual for urban planners? What lessons can we learn from it? How does the pandemic experience make it even more relevant?

Dr. Natalia Otrishchenko, PhD in Sociology (field of Methodology and Methods of Sociological Research). Researcher, research assistant, "Region, Nation, and Beyond" project (2012-2014), coordinator of the "Urban Stories" oral history archive in Urban Media Archive, Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe, Lviv.

This year CANactions Publishing House presents the Ukrainian edition of 'The Death and Life of Great American Cities' by Jane Jacobs. The book is published with the support of the community of benefactors and The International Renaissance Foundation.