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Оpportunities from the Future
Architecture platform

Interview with Adriana Pablos
What is the Future Architecture platform and why is it new opportunities for participants?
— I believe Pippo Ciorra described it as a spaceship, it's a beautiful analogy that works for me. It's exchange, networking, future awareness...Overall, especially addressing new participants, it is a fantastic environment for any restless thinker willing more.
How did you become part of the Future Architecture platform?
— Well, I had been asked to prepare a publication featuring my work and on the deadline's day, I came across through social media with the FAP. I just loved the European approach and the openness of the open call and sent my project at once.
What is your role/activity in the Future Architecture platform?
— I had the luck of becoming a selected participant and be invited to attend the matchmaking conference in Ljubljana and present my project. There, I met with the other selected participants, learned more about their projects and met with all the institutions. It was also the start of many things, including my relationship with CANactions and Ukraine.
How did you get into CANactions and how does it relate to the Future Architecture platform?
— Just after I presented my project during the matchmaking conference last February, CANactions approached me. The following day we went for a coffee and realized we shared many interests and a vision. I was invited to 10th CANactions International Architectural Festivaland and we agreed on keeping in touch. Three months later I was moving to Kyiv in order to coordinate and tutor the fascinating transformation of Mystetskyi Arsenal; a XVIII century arsenal converted into the national cultural-arts center in Ukraine.
Which would you give advice to the participants who want to make an application for 3rd CALL FOR IDEAS?
— I can only say: "Just do it". It's a win-win. Not only will you make visible your idea next to other promising thinkers into a European platform, but you will have the opportunity of being selected and welcoming new challenges, knowledge and of course friends.