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The results of the workshop
"Enchanted Kyiv by the Dnipro"

tutors Mathilde Sivré, Bruno Tanant / FR
CANactions educational platform in collaboration with landscape architects from France Mathilde Sivre and Bruno Tanant carried out workshop named "Enchanted Kyiv by the Dnipro", which took place in Kyiv between December 11th and December 15th, 2017. The theme of the workshop was the search of ideas for the development of the adjacent areas of Dnipro river.

11 participants split up to 5 teams developed their projects, which they submitted on the last day of the workshop, during their final presentations.

The research area included such territories as Korchuvate, Rybalsky Peninsula, Rusanivka, Hydropark and North Poznyaky.
The team of Nitika Bulatov, Katerina Yakovyshena and Yuriy Lynov proposed to revitalize the industrial zone "Telicka" and to reconstruct the recreational zone between Korchevyt and Telichka.

According to this project, all industrial enterprises currently located in this zone should be redefined into a business, cultural and entertainment cluster. In addition, it is planned to create a green bridge between the park area on both sides of Stolicheskoye Highway to combine the park "Pokyl" and the Lysa mountain.
The LAMA team, Yevhen Borisenko and Maria Andrienko, have an idea to create a green area right in the middle of the residential area of Rusanivka Island.

According to the project, green zones should be scattered throughout the island, but not only near the embankment. The authors also suggest increasing the number of pedestrian bridges for better communication between the artificial island and the adjoining parts of the city.
Rybalsky Peninsula
Rodion Filatov proposed to create a cultural cluster throughout the Rybalsky Peninsula. Instead of the industrial zone and residential complex, which is being built at the moment, it is proposed to build a music hall, a museum, and an exhibition area. The author also would like to see several observation decks, so the visitors of renovated Rybalsky Peninsula would have a possibility to enjoy a magnificent view of Podil and other parts of the city.
Renovate connection
Andriy Kucher and Anna Kulik offer to restore the connection between the lakes Telbin, Nizhniy Telbin, Zhandarka, Korolok and the Gulf of Berkovyshchyna. The authors propose to create a new water route that would connect the lakes between each other with the Dnipro River.

According to the authors, these actions can improve the ecological state of the environment, will create direct access to nature for residents of the immediate areas.
The team of Igor Tyshchenko, Elena Dyidikova and Olena Pitimirova propose to create on Hydropark Island a transportation hub, which will serve not only city of Kyiv, but the entire Kyiv agglomeration.

This area is the suggested to become a transfer point between water taxi passengers (north-south direction), cyclists and the metro.