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Educational programs
The Spring School 'Borders are for Crossing'
The Spring School 'Borders are for Crossing', organised together with the Independent School for the City (NL), took place in Rotterdam. The Program was aimed to explore how the intra-european transfer of people, ideas, goods and finances effects spatial, social, economic and political conditions in a western city. An international group of 28 participants and a multidisciplinary team of tutors and lecturers researched the manifestations of migration and developed stories, strategies and actions for an urban renewal area in the City of Rotterdam.

The Program outcomes with elaborated scenarios od the development of Oud and Nieuw Mathenesse area are compiled in the Logbook of the Spring School 'Borders are for Crossing'.

Integrated Spatial Planning for

Integrated Spatial Planning for Amalgamated Hromadas Program was focused on adaptation of European urban and regional development policies and strategic spatial planning toolkit to the specific scale and real-life functioning of newly formed territorial communities — amalgamated hromadas. The program was organized by CANactions School with support from U-LEAD with Europe programme.

30 spatial planning practitioners worked together with representatives of 30 hromadas from all over Ukraine and jointly developed scenarios for the development of the settlements and territories of hromadas.

The result of the Program is 30 Spatial Development Concepts for 30 AH-s. Program research outcomes and developed Spatial Development Concepts are presented on the web platform, created by CANactions School R&D Team. The platform presents a set of tools that can be used to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the territory, identify possible development scenarios and formulate a vision for the future community.

Creating Homes for Tomorrow
Within the 2019/20 educational program, CANactions School travels to 4 metropoles in western, northern and eastern Europe and explores their innovative approaches for creating more liveable neighbourhoods. Based on the findings, we develop new strategies for locally specific and globally relevant questions, considering spatial, economic, social and political measures.

The Program is exposed to the housing context of the three European cities that are widely acclaimed for their high living quality – Amsterdam, Zurich and Helsinki, and absorbs their practices to specifically address the housing challenges of the rapidly expanding Eastern European metropolis of Kyiv.

Partners: Aalto University, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Architectural Prescription, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Gmbh., helsinkizurich, Zurich University for Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Activating Urban Periphery in Eastern Europe Programme with support from the German Federal Foreign Office, Stadt Zurich Stadtentwicklung, City of Amsterdam, City of Helsinki, Familienheim Genossenschaft Zürich (FGZ), ZOTOV&CO

The Workshops in Amsterdam and Zurich are already completed but there is a possibility to join the Program and apply to the Helsinki and Kyiv editions.

Application deadline is February 2nd, 2020. APPLY HERE

CANactions School Talk
In 2019, CANactions School Talk combines open lectures, workshops and discussions as well as as online talks, aiming to prodice answers to an overarching question—"How to create better places to live?"

We organized more than 30 open public events with professionals from around the world, including:

— lectures: Pia Ilonen (FIN), Philipp Meuser (DE), Lukas Rekevičius (LT), Yvonne Franz (AT), Tinatin Gurgenidze (GE), Kostyantyn Mezentsev (UA), Jan Richard Kikkert (NL), Fani Kostourou (UK), Philippe Cabane (CH), Viktor Zotov (UA), Jakub Ignacy Gołębiewski (PL), Natalia Mysak (UA), Maciej Frąckowiak (PL), Maria Grischenko (UA), Daryna Pirogova (UA), Mårten Claesson (SE), Claesson Koivisto (SE), Rune Linda Kummel (SE), Sergey Ferley (UA), Iris Gleichmann (DE), Rudolf Gräf (RO), Grisha Zotov (NL), Romea Muryń (PL) and others;

— master class 'Encountering the Other: Storytelling and Ethics' with Manuel Francisco Sousa (PT)

— discussion 'Cities Within The City' with F.A.T.(CH), Pascal Hunkeler (CH), Andreas Wirz (CH), Charlotte Malterre-Barthes (CH), Blanca Garcia Gardelegui (CH).

Together with Urban Space Radio, we launched a single-season podcast exploring housing as a localization of the effects of global challenges like climate change, global migration and ongoing urbanization.

Our guests were: Tinatin Gurgenidze (GE), Manuel Francisco Sousa (PT), Yvonne Franz (AT), Konstantinos Pantazis (GR), Pia Ilonen (FIN), Grisha Zotov (NL).

The 11th Youth Architects Competition
Within the framework of CANactions Festival among more than 118 Ukrainian architects under the age of 35 were selected 10 finalists. The main prizes of this year Competition were free Master Degree at Dessau Institute of Architecture, paid 6-month internship in one of the MLA+ offices, participation in the EASA Ukraine team at the International Workshop in Switzerland and project publication on the ArchDaily platform.
DREAMactions 3.0
In 2019 CANactions School and Western NIS Enterprise Fund renewed DREAMactions, the open small grant competition. DREAMactions 3.0 is aimed to support the Ukrainian AH-s in the implementation of practical urban projects to improve the quality and living conditions of the hromadas.

Four projects have been selected as winners and now are being implemented with the assistance of mentors. In addition, as a 5th award, the coordinators of 24 projects participated in an educational workshop devoted to the waste management.

12th CANactions International Architecture Festival
The main topic of Festival 2019 was HROMADA. During the two days the event was attended by more than 3000 guests from different parts of Ukraine and abroad.

The Festival 2019 gathered a big hromada of like-minded people, united by the common goal—to create the conditions for a better and more comfortable life of the community. Architour around the most significant and the most beautiful spots of Kyiv along the Dnipro River with Klaus Overmeyer / Urban Catalyst GmbH and David Bravo Bordas / CCCB.

Master class 'Happiness in urban planning' by Grisha Zotov / Architectural Prescription devoted to the happiness as the determining factor in urban planning on the example of the Concept of spatial development of the Kytaiv territory.

Diverse lecture program of the festival was attended by: Jord den Hollander / International Film Festival Rotterdam - IFFR, David Bravo Bordas / CCCB (ES), Yana Golubeva / MLA+ (RU), Klaus Overmeyer / Urban Catalyst GmbH (DE), Stephan Sigrist / W.I.R.E. (CH), Viggo Haremst / Henning Larsen (DK), Michelle Provoost/ Independent School for the City (NL), Polina Bachlakova / SPACE10 (DK), Leon Fanjul Manuel / Traumnovelle (BE), Viktor Zotov / ZOTOV & CO (UA), Reinier de Graaf /OMA (NL), Sinus Lynge / EFFEKT (DK).

Together with: CANactions School, Платформа Острів, Інститут розвитку міст, The Center for Spatial Technologies, Хора, All Things Urban, U-Cycle, Минская урбанистическая платформа, CEDOS, MetaLab, Streetscape Territories Research Practice та KU Leuven Campus Sint Lucas Brussels, Харківська Школа Архітектури, ZOTOV&CO, Розуміти Радянський Поділ, urban curators, future renovation map, Alex Bykov.

The 13th CANactions International Architecture Festival will take place will take place in Kyiv on May 15-16, 2020.

CANactions Festival 2020 takes one of the greatest challenges of our time—housing—aiming to discuss and question the general principles of living environments which set the direction for establishing new housing typologies as well as, reflect the ideas of its residents about the quality and the benefits of life in the city.

We welcome everyone to join the common dialogue around architecture and innovative approaches for creating more liveable places.

Early bird tickets.

In 2019 CANactions School launched CANactions Publishing House, which specializes in the appearance and distribution of
high-quality professional literature in the field of architecture and urban development.

Ukrainian version of "Four Walls and a Roof" by Reinier de Graaf

CANactions Publishing House with the support of SAGA Development and the community of benefactors published the Ukrainian edition of "Four Walls and Roof" by Reinier de Graaf.
The presentation of the book was held at the CANactions Festival 2019. Reinier de Graaf visited Ukraine, gave keynote and presented his bestseller to the Ukrainian audience.

Ukrainian edition of "Walkable City Rules. 101 Steps to Making Better Places" by Jeff Speck

At the end of the year CANactions Publishing House released another book—Ukrainian edition "Walkable City Rules" by Jeff Speck.
It became the first translation of this well-known bestseller in the world.

More great books are coming soon...

Thank you for this amazing year! Let's make 2020 even better
CANactions School Team: Vadym Denysenko, Maria Gryshchenko, Theo Hauben, Vitalii Khrystevych, Olena Kozakova, Roman Lozynskyj, Romea Muryn, Mirjam Niemeyer, Zoreslava Pendeliuk, Olena Pitirimova, Oleksandr Shcheglov, Maria Smirnova, Urs Thomann, Yegor Vlasenko, Bohdan Vozniak, Olena Vozniak, Anastasia Zhuravel, Grisha Zotov, Valentyna Zotova, Viktor Zotov.