CANactions Team remembers the highlights of unforgettable 2021.

“The main goal of this year is to become resilient (* to have the ability to adapt to changes): old patterns and behavior programs no longer work, it is time to change strategy, go beyond the usual framework and expand comfort zones”.

Valentyna Zotova, CANactions Сo-founder, CEO.


“The theme of housing is eternal because it exists as long as humanity does. 75% of all European real estate is housing. And the distribution of time spent at home and outside it, perhaps, is similar. Especially now, in times of COVID”.

Viktor Zotov, CANactions Founder, Head of ZOTOV&CO architectural bureau.

“This year’s Festival was so homely, cozy, desirable, and extremely family-friendly. There were wonderful people, warm emotions from the joy of long-awaited offline meetings at the Festival, and new connections”.

Valentyna Zotova, CANactions Сo-founder, CEO.

More than 20 speakers and more than 1000 guests joined the event offline and online. We are actively planning the next CANactions Festival, which will take place in Kyiv on May 21, 2022.


This year the jury selected 10 finalists who were awarded prizes from Dessau Institute of Architecture (Germany), EASA Ukraine, Jung Ukraine, ArchDaily, TU Brno (Czech Republic), Kharkiv School of Architecture, and CANactions School.

“It may be stated that year by year the quality of the submitted projects is growing significantly. There is an obvious rise of the young talents’ requirements to themselves and to the level of their professional expression. It is absolutely imperative to support young architects as far as they are those who are about to design our lifestyle in the nearest perspective”.

Olena Kozakova, Сompetition Сoordinator.


For the fourth time already, CANactions together with Western NIS Enterprise Fund and Agropromholding “Astarta-Kyiv” is holding a small grants competition DREAMactions. The contest aims to support the hromadas in the process of their transformation and development by providing microgrants and an educational component.

Among the 16 finalists, the jury selected 8 winners to be implemented during the warm season of 2022, due to the urban projects’ peculiarities.

“Personally I am delighted working with hromadas. The competitors are full of energy and possess a strong desire to change the life for better. We provide a full range of support services for the hromadas starting from the submission of the project until its implementation and subsequent support”.

Olena Kozakova, Сompetition Сoordinator.


In 2021 we published a number of wonderful books.

The iconic “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” by the legendary Jane Jacobs, published with the support of the community of benefactors, The International Renaissance Foundation and SAGA Development.

By CANactions Festival 2021, the world bestseller “Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City” by renowned public intellectual Richard Sennett has been released. We are grateful for the support to the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy in Ukraine and SAGA Development.

We are happy that the first translation of 2021’s novelty “The Masterplan. A Novel” by Reinier de Graaf, a partner in the OMA and director of AMO was published in Ukrainian with the support by ENSO development company.

“An important stage for us has been the debut at International Book Arsenal in Kyiv. The lively atmosphere of communication with our readers and incredible emotions after a year of lockdown made it unforgettable for us. We were fully sold out. The city is the people! And it is amazing that the community of those who care about the healthy development of the city is growing!”

Olena Vozniak, CANactions Publishing House Coordinator.

We are already working on the Ukrainian edition of Mikael Colville-Andersen’s “Copenhagenize: The Definitive Guide to Global Bicycle Urbanism”. You are welcome to join the crowdfunding campaign and preorder the book as an award.


Diploma Talks is a series of meetings with fresh graduates of Ukrainian and European universities who have written their theses on topics related to urban and regional development in Ukraine. Speakers share their contributions to urban research discourse, addressing the audience interested in relevant topics. The main purpose of these events is to accumulate knowledge about urban development in Ukraine through interesting theses and communication of young architects with leading experts in the field of urban planning.


This fall 40 city initiatives were held the first March for Kyiv. CANactions joined as co-organizers. Almost 10 000 people came to support the March for Kyiv and change it for the better.


Nothing of this would be possible without the support of our friends and partners: SAGA Development, Goethe Institute, Swiss Embassy in Ukraine, US Embassy in Ukraine, Instytut Polski w Kijowie, Dessau Institute of Architecture, EASA Ukraine, Jung Ukraine, ХША, Kooperativ, International Renaissance Foundation, ENSO, 24Print, Western NIS Enterprise Fund , “Astarta-Kyiv”.

We are grateful to our media partners: Archdaily, All Things Urban, Hmarochos, Mistosite, The Village Ukraine, Chytomo, Pragmatika Media, Na chasi, Pryvit/media, Your Art, Gender in Details.

Many thanks to our fantastic audience — everyone who visits our events, reads books, applies to educational programs, and participates in competitions. You are incredible!


CANactions School Team: Bohdan Vozniak, Olena Vozniak, Valentyna Zotova, Viktor Zotov, Grisha Zotov, Olena Kozakova, Olena Mazurkevich, Marharyta Rivchachenko, Tetyana Semenova, Urs Tomann, Theo Hoben, Kristina Vasko, Katya Harbar, Anastasia Zhuravel, Romea Muryn, Yulia Popova, Valeriia Tsykhmeystruk.

Illustrations by Nataliia Shulga.