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CANactions School Educational Principles

Interdisciplinary Approach
The School's educational process is based on the interaction and exchange of experience between representatives of various professions directly related to urban development: architects, city planners, sociologists, political scientists, economists and representatives of other related industries. Integration of the guidelines and techniques of different disciplines allows us to form a comprehensive approach to the analysis of the urban environment and further development of project concepts and strategies.
Teamwork and Experiential Learning
Education and project work within CANactions programs take place in interdisciplinary teams and is based on the learning-by-doing method. Such an approach contributes to the development of participants' proactivity, the ability to self-reflection, responsibility for their own and team decisions, as well as the skills of critical analysis, conceptualization and practical application of the acquired knowledge and skills.
Project-based Learning
One of the main goals of the School is to deepen the skills of effective practical work of students in the real conditions of functioning of modern cities. To do this, we use the project methodology - an active study of urban processes and phenomena on an example of real cases, including interaction of participants with key stakeholders, field work, and testing of project concepts at different stages of development with the participation of local communities.
Strategic Approach to Urban Design and Spatial Planning
The project work in the framework of School is based on the implementation of the principles of strategic urban design and spatial planning, an integrated approach aimed at defining the vision, strategic goals and specific actions regarding the future development of a particular urban area and / or city in general.
Cooperation with a vast net of international experts and institutions
The CANactions School focuses on collaborating with leading world experts and institutions, creating professional bridges between Ukraine and other countries with experience in urban development, which can be useful for studying and integrating. We invite lecturers and tutors from all over the world, supporting students in acquiring skills, qualifications and knowledges in the research, design and planning of the city, while simultaneously engaging them in working with real cases.
CANactions School Educational Programs are designed for

■ Representatives of agencies for urban development and city institutes
■ Open-minded executives of city administrations involved in urban development, urban design, and/or city planning
■ Activists, representatives of NGOs which activities connected to urban development
■ Urban entrepreneurs with strong interest in city development projects
■ Young professionals from the field of Urban Design, Urban Planning, Architecture, and Civil Engineering who have at least 2-3 years of work experience
■ Critical thinking researchers and professionals with background in Economics, Political and Cultural Studies, Journalism, Sociology, and other related fields who are interested in the exploration of current urban conditions in Ukraine and Central-Eastern European countries.
    CANactions School Programs