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SPACES: Open Call to CANactions School Program 2020/21

Part-time program that comprises 4 educational Blocks of 1 weeks each
Advanced professional program
Territory of the one of participating amalhamated hromadas
Ukrainian, English (with translation)
Number of participants
30 representatives of 4—6 Ukrainian hromadas; 10 spatial planning practitioners.
June—December 2020
The SPACES Program focuses on the application of European inter-municipal cooperation practices and subregional spatial planning tools to a group of real-life functioning formed territorial communities—amalgamated hromadas.
In 2020, CANactions School in partnership with the Heritas Foundation (Sibiu, Romania) continues to explore the topic of spatial planning in the context of decentralization reform. The SPACES program works with a group of neighboring Ukrainian amalgamated hromadas and focuses on coordinating their joint actions to increase accessibility of services and economic growth of the territories.
A multidisciplinary team of professionals experienced in spatial planning, together with representatives of local self-government bodies, develops a subregional "Spatial Development Concept" for several amalgamated hromadas located nearby and sharing a common landscape, culture and similar economic specialization. The Concept covers the territory of all participating communities and coordinates their development, regardless of administrative boundaries.

Spatial Planning for Accessibility, Cooperation and Economic Sustainability (SPACES) Program is supported by the European Union under the House of Europe programme.