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STUDIO #1 'From General Plan to Guiding Plan: Strategic Tools for Contemporary Cities Development'

Do (post)industrial cities of Ukraine have a future? Have they truly become post- or do they still remain industrial? How to take a step forward from a utopian soviet past to a contemporary city without the utopian pretense? STUDIO #2 'Tackling the Future of Ukrainian (Post)industrial Cities' is aimed on finding answers to these questions and raising new ones through developing strategic scenarios and tactical proposals for Kramatorsk — an eastern Ukrainian city which has been chosen for the case study.
Type: Studio

Duration: August – December, 2015
Format: Full-time program, with field-trip to the case-city
Language: English
Location: Kyiv

Number of Participants: 18
Program Structure


August 25 – September 11, 2015

In this part of the course students will get a list of advice what "to read" and "to watch" before starting full-time program. We offer our students online-courses on Urban Studies from CANactions School partner – "Vector" online school.

September 14 – October 4, 2015

Block#1 starts with 5 short workshops: creative thinking, project management, governance + sociology, digital infrastructure and urban space. The last part of Block#1 is a project simulator workshop "From research to project proposal". Students will explore particular situations in Kyiv and present their solutions to specific problems.

October 5 – November 1, 2015

Interdisciplinary groups of students will research Ivano-Frankivsk - from contemporary infrastructure to historical heritage in dialogue with citizens, "Teple Misto" platform and city administration. This block includes planning the field-trip by each group, visiting and investigation the city and integrated analysis of the research results. This block also includes 3-days visit to Lviv and meeting with GIZ experts.

November 2 – December 18, 2015

Students will integrate the results of their research into global context and work on strategies and project proposals for the city development. Interdisciplinary teams will be supported by world-leading experts. The result of this block is an Urban Constitution – a set of strategic recommendations and project proposals for further implementation by local stakeholders
Education Program Team:
Liva Dudareva
METASITU is a strategic urban and art consultancy initiative founded by landscape architect Liva Dudareva (Latvia) and urban sociologist Eduardo Cassina (Spain). The group implemented projects in Palestine, Austria, Serbia, Russia, Greece and the Emirates. She was taught as a landscape architect in Latvia and Sweden. Then Liva continued her studies in landscape architecture at
Edinburgh College of Art before joining the award-winning landscape architecture firm Gross.Max. After that she moved to Moscow to explore new ways of representation and urban research at Strelka Institute.
Eduardo Cassina
METASITU is a strategic urban and art consultancy initiative founded by landscape architect Liva Dudareva (Latvia) and urban sociologist Eduardo Cassina (Spain). The group implemented projects in Palestine, Austria, Serbia, Russia, Greece and the Emirates. Eduardo is an architect and urban sociologist who studied in the United Kingdom, Portugal, The Netherlands and China. He has worked as a researcher and exhibition designer for the Guggenheim museums in Venice and New York, as well as for Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), worked as an urban researcher for Goldsmiths, and continued his exploration of representation of urban data in new and innovative ways at Strelka Institute.
Carla Coester
CH / Zurich City Administration
Carla Coester is a Swiss civil servant and anthropologist. In 2012 she graduated from University of Bern and gained her master degree in Social Anthropology. For many years she worked as Personal Assistant to the Chief of Staff Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit. Since 2014 she has been the Head of Staff for Social Urban Development Departament. Carla parallely is also taking position of Staff employee at Social center «Ausstellungsstrasse» in Zurich.
Michael Engel
Michael is an architect from Dresden, Germany. He had been active in Romania since 2005, within several projects implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the German Government for urban and rural development. Since 2010, being director of the Heritas Foundation in Sibiu, Romania, he promoted aspects such as integrated development, careful
rehabilitation and stakeholder participation. Working also as consultant in these domains, Michael´s regional focus is Eastern Europe. In 2015 he has joined GIZ in Lviv, dealing predominantly with strengthening integrated urban development on local level, particularly at the Municipal Development and Rehabilitation of the Old City of Lviv.
Iris Gleichmann
Iris studied architecture and urbanism in London and Stuttgart, worked at offices in Great Britain, Germany and Japan. She has been a tutor-researcher in the Institute of City Planning of Dresden University from 1999 to 2002, one of directions of her research – informal settlements of Syria and Cambodia. From 2002 to 2009 she has been working as a director, later managing partner of the environment and city planning department (BUS), founded in Dresden. Starting from 2009 Iris has been working as a director of the Ukrainian-German cooperation project, "Municipal Development and Rehabilitation of the Old City of Lviv" for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbei (GIZ) GmbH in Lviv.
Serhiy Gvozdiov
UA / Kyiv School of Economics
MBA, PhD is the founder and consultant in project and operations management of Ukrainian Foundation for Management Development (Kyiv, Ukraine). Serhiy is a Faculty Member of Goldratt Schools and an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Organizational Development, St. Thomas University, Minneapolis, MT, USA. Introduced the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Lean in Training and Consulting Projects in such companies as: DTEK (Donetsk Fuel-Energy Company), ZTR (Zaporozhie Transformers Plant), FFS (Fast Food Systems, trademarks "Pizza Chelentano" and "Potato House") etc.
Mariana Kukhlevska
Mariana graduated from Leipzig University in 2013 with Master of Science in Urban Management. Worked since 2009 for the project "Municipal development and rehabilitation of the old city of Lviv" implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Government. Also took part in other urban projects in Ukraine and Germany. In 2015 she contributed to the World Bank's publication "Ukraine Urbanization Review" on shrinking and growing cities in Ukraine. Her main professional focus lies in the strategic urban development, participatory design and management of interdisciplinary networks. Currently she is working on the development of the deprived neighbourhoods in Berlin metropolitan area.
Miodrag Kuč
DE / The Laboratory of Critical Urbanism
Miodrag Kuč is an interdisciplinary artist and urban theorist trained as architect / urban planner in various cultural settings. His work explores the role of ephemeral structures in uncertain urban. He is founder of the studio ParaArtFormations which moves at the intersection of urban studies, performative-planning, artistic interventions and micro politics. Currenty he works as project coordinator at ZKU - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Centre for Art and Urbanistics) Berlin, exploring new ways of knowledge production through the lens of critical urban pedagogy.
Paul McCabe
IE / Hyper Island
He works in education at two of the top design schools globally according to DOMUS Magazine rankings: Hyper Island (Stockholm, Sao Paulo, New York, London & Singapore), The Strelka Institute Of Media Design & Architecture (Moscow). He works mainly with leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies on transformation projects - helping them grow their business by better integrating digital into their practices and business models. Some recent projects he has been involved with include:Target (US Retailer), Mondelez, Unilever, P&G, General Mills (Packaged Goods), SVT, TV4, TV3 & CMore, Dentsu, Leo Burnett & Publicis (Advertising Agencies), Google, Lego. Paul is a trained sociologist and facilitator.
Andrius Nemickas
Andrius is an urban development specialist who has combined both 'bottom-up' and 'top-down' strategies to revitalizing communities, creating economic opportunities, and alleviating poverty. In particular, he has focused on the role of entrepreneurship, SME development, economic clusters, and public policy in urban and regional dynamics. Andrius received a dual-degree MBA & MCRP from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the world's leading planning
institutions. He has lived in Ukraine since 1999.
Stefan Roschi
CH / Zurich City Administration
Stefan is highly engaged in a social sector: among his educational achievements are Social Work Diploma, Non-Profit-Management Post Graduation, Master degree in Business Administration, etc. From 1989 he gained positions in such diverse social work areas as Drug addicts, Shelter for Homeless, Integration of Refugees, Projects for Unemployed people for integration, counseling and job-Service. Diversified Mr. Roschi even took various management positions in the Airline industry in private companies. Currently he is the head of the social center «Ausstellungsstrasse» in Zürich, Head of Social Urban Development Department, Member of the Board of Social Service in the City of Zürich.
Kuba Snopek
PL / Оnline-school «Vector», Architectura
Siodmego Dnia
Polish urbanist and researcher. He graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology and Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow. He specialises in housing and postcommunist cities. He took part in variety of architectural and urban projects and exhibitions, including Venice Biennale of Architecture. Over the last four years, Kuba has been tutoring educational programs at Strelka Institute and has been curating an online educational program "Vector". Kuba is author of plenty of articles about urban planning and architecture.
Thomas Stellmach
Leading German urbanist, who specializes on learning and exploring sustainable urban planning in an international context. Mr. Thomas is founder in TSPA (Berlin), wich works with strategic planning, urban development and design. Also he conducted design studios
and lectured at Academie voor Bouwkunst in Rotterdam, Technische Universität Berlin, Tsinghua University in Beijing, UPC in Barcelona, Strelka Institute in Moscow.
Urs Thomann
CH / CANactions School
Urs is an urban planner, co-founder and curator of CANactions School for Urban Studies. He worked for various planning offices in Switzerland where he was in charge of projects of different scales: from conurbations over city areas and village centers to city blocks and street spaces. He worked as a Consultant to the Research and Project Institute for Moscow City Masterplan in order to prepare the 'Greater Moscow Competition'. Since 2012, Urs has been working in Ukraine, leading projects which are connected with strategic city development and also support culture change and capacity-building of professionals and civil servants. He curated the development of the 'Integrated Urban Transport and Spatial Planning Strategy' for Vinnytsia City Administration.
Vladyslav Tyminskyi
UA / CANactions School
Vladyslav is an architect, researcher and author. Since 2015 he is a director of education program at CANactions School for Urban Studies (Kyiv, Ukraine). In 2015 Vladyslav graduated from STRELKA Institute for Media, Architecture and Design (Moscow, Russia). In 2014 he worked as an analyst of the International Institute for Future Studies (Kyiv, Ukraine). In 2013 Vladyslav was an executive editor and an author of the articles for the book «Urban Studies: Politics and Practices of Urban Renewal» supported by Heinrich Boell Foundation in Ukraine. Since 2012 Vladyslav has worked on his PhD research «Principles of post-Soviet Cities' Strategic Development».
Volodymyr Vakhitov
UA / Kyiv School of Economics
Holds PhD from the University of Kentucky, Assistant professor at Kyiv School of Economics and Senior Researcher at Higher School of Economics (Moscow / St. Petersburg). Researcher of urban and regional economics, productivity of Ukrainian firms, regional development, spatial analysis. Volodymyr also participated in numerous projects on regional development by USAID, Global Development Network, other international agencies, was invited to teach agglomeration and spatial measurement methods at several summer schools, used to work as a co-author of a background paper for the World Development Report by the World Bank. Active participant in international conferences and seminars.
Han van de Wetering
NL / Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau
He is urbanist and architect and founder of the urban design studio "Van de Wetering Atelier fur Stadtebau" in Zurich. With his office he won many prizes and competitions, especially for projects at highly complex, difficult sites with lots of conflicts and lack of space. He is a leading expert in developing integrated regional transport and urban development strategies, especially for small and mid-size cities. He lectures and publishes regularly. As an expert he supports complex urban development projects for several European urban regions.
Viktor zotov
UA / Zotov&Co
Viktor was born in 1963 in Mariupol, Ukraine. In 1986 he graduated from architectural
faculty of Institute of Building and Construction in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In 1986-1989 he
worked as an architect in State Institute, Mariupol. In 1989-1992 he won residential
block competition, worked as the chief architect at "Yunost" company in Mariupol,
created specially for this project. During 1992 - 2003, he had been the founder and chief
architect of "Architectural Bureau", Mariupol. Since 2004 he has been the founder and
chief architect of Architectural Bureau "Zotov &Co", Kyiv. Since 2008, he has been the
founder and curator of International Architectural Festival CANactions, Kyiv. From 2015,
he has also been the founder of CANactions School for Urban Studies.
Andrii Koman
Ivano-Frankivsk /
Andrii Koman is an architect from Ivano-Frankivsk, student of CANactions School for Urban Studies. He works in the field of street design and traffic planning. He worked in Stuttgart (Germany) for 4 years and got a large experience there. Since 2014 Andrii has been working on the new master plan focused on bicycle infrastructure, private and public transportation in Ivano-Frankivsk.
Anna Berestetska
Hamburg /
urban designer
She was raised in Ukraine and Germany, has had good skills in learning languages and was receptive to cultural context. This combined with a bachelor`s degree in Environmental Science from Leuphana University in Lüneburg turned into an avid curiosity for discovering new cultures and environmental landscapes. Her further decision to pursue a master`s in Urban Design from the Hafencity University in Hamburg was one more important step to improve her competences. Travelling to new cities and exploring different urban ladscapes were two main activities that made up her past four years. Anja did internships and multi-disciplinary programs around the world in the countries like Israel, Greece, Brazil, Spain and China. Six languages later, having a lot of endless stories to tell and a growing passion for urban design, Anja plans to pursue her carrer in this field.
Anna Levadna
Kyiv /
Anna Levadna is a young Ukrainian architect who graduated from KNUCA as a Bachelor of Architecture with a focus on Urban Planning. She worked at In.Lab architects between 2013 and 2015, also Anna was a tutor at Cardboard Workshop in December 2014. In summer 2014 Anna took part in international workshop X-CHANGE014, which was organized by Young Architects.
Anna Pashynska
Kamyanets-Podilsky /
urban designer
Anna Pashynska is a designer and dancer. "My interests in design have been changing", she says, "I was involved with architecture, interior, product design. Now I came to urbanism and social projects. I spent four last years in Vienna, Austria, where I had been studying and working. A few months ago I returned to Ukraine – the country that intrigues me as an urbanist and a place where my heart belongs."
Anton Sukhar
Dnipro /
He graduated from Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture as a Master of Architecture. He studies influence of post-Soviet cities on the development and behavior of the society and the reverse processes. Specializes in contemporary architecture. He explores new approaches and methods required by modern communities by experimenting at the architectural studio for the last three years. He participated in the CANactions workshop in 2013; together with the team he developed a proposal for Dnipropetrovsk concerning placement of containers for cigarette butts and trash. Anton also worked on a project on technical re-equipment of Kharkiv railway station. He is an active participant of the international architectural competitions and workshops.
Bogdan Kapatsila
Ternopil /
civil engineer
Bogdan Kapatsila is a Ternopil-based interior designer and a university teacher. He works on various individual projects, being at the same time very interested in the design of public spaces. In his opinion, Urban Studies link private and public activities. He considers function to be the core of his solutions. Besides his own practice, in 2014 he worked as an architect/designer at RestoCamp in Ivano-Frankivsk and did an internship at Denis Belenko`s office.
Daria Podoltseva
Kyiv /
computer sciences, graphic designer
Dasha Podoltseva is a Kyiv-based graphic designer with strong interest for urban development and city transformation. Some of her works were shortlisted and got awards from the Ukrainian Design competitions, in particular from The Very Best Of, Kakadu and ADC Ukraine.
Jaroslav Jakovlev
Kharkiv /
Jaroslav Jakovlev is an architect, graphic designer and calligraphist from Kharkiv. He is a participant of various international architectural and art projects. Interests: eco-building, sustainable development, hand-made, gardening. Currently lives in a self-designed loft and owns 2 nasty cats.
Maria Kupriian
Poltava /
She wrote a master's thesis on renovation and adaptive reuse of cultural heritage property. Since 2014 Mariia has become an active participant and co-founder of an urban platform CityLab (Poltava). Being one of the key platform members she developed a conceptual design of Poltava сadet сorps. Mariia also was a coordinator and co-organizer of an open workshop «Poltava, the Livable City». Mariia is actively involved into public and social projects in the city
Oleksander Shevchenko
Kyiv /
maritime spatial planner
Alexander Shevchenko has degrees in engineering and management by a Ukrainian and a European university. He focuses on a range of issues mainly related to spatial planning and development, civil engineering and acoustics. Alexander has a special interest in urban studies and marine spatial planning. He is a graduate student of an Erasmus Mundus programme focused on maritime spatial planning and also participated in an international EU-funded project ADRIPLAN. During his studies he did an internship in Berlin where he worked on various projects designed for the Baltic Sea region.
Oleksandr Goreniuk
Odesa /
international lawyer
He was born and raised in Odessa. Today he is a businessman. In particular, I have created the Atlas of Ideas for Odessa and continue to add content to it. It is something like a guide aimed at improving urban space in a visionary, social and philosophical sense. This document is based on the achievments of modern cities, on a number of theoretical books on urban planning, master plans of Perm (Russia) and BSU, Strelka Institute`s researches, ADA design standards for barrier-free environment and my own travelers` experience.
Oleksander Shutyuk
Lviv /
Alexander Shutyuk works at Lviv City Council for the Development Bureau. He works on the tasks connected with planning of the streets and public spaces, trees planting, crowdfunding programs and some other topics. He is a contributor to one of well-known blogs about city development in Ukraine and co-founder of web-site. Before 2014 he worked as an interior designer.
Oleksandra Sladkova
Lviv /
Oleksandra Sladkova is the head of Urban Development Bureau at Lviv City Council. Using her background in sociology and fundraising, Oleksandra is trying to connect different bureaus of city administration with the urban initiatives of city activists and to increase involvement of the general public with urban planning. The bureau also develops the strategies and projects of public spaces considering public opinion and participation
Rodion Filatov
Kyiv /
web-projects manager
Rodion Filatov is an information designer. Telling visual stories using minimum words, but a lot of graphs, charts and pictures is his specialization. Rodion wants people to waste less time while learning about new issues. He believes that data visualization helps to perceive common things differently and to understand them better.
Tetiana Abramova
Kyiv /
foreign economic activity manager
Tanya is a city dreamer and ideologist of the community that, she says, turns tourists into real travelers and city investigators. She is the founder of (career-oriented consulting based on Vedic astrology). Tanya wants to help ordinary people willing to make their cities more comfortable. Her dream is to construct a small comfortable town using both modern urban technologies and ancient approaches towards city development.
Valentyna Chabanova-Babak
Kyiv /
Valentyna Chabanova-Babak is a journalist and expert in the field of digital communication. She worked as a freelance journalist for several newspapers such as Dzerkalo Tyzhnya, The people and others. Her articles are focused on people and their stories. Valentyna has a background in social science, social work and a large experience of being a volunteer. In her opinion, city if the future should be comfortable for everyone with no exceptions: for people with disabilities, for children, for the elderly, for people with different cultural backgrounds and even for homeless.
Volodymyr Didiuk
Lviv /
Volodymyr Didiuk graduated from Lviv Polytechnic National University. His master's diploma was focused on energy-saving architecture and solar houses architecture. Volodymyr is a participant of architectural competitions, award winner of "INTERYEAR 2013" by The National Union of Architects of Ukraine for the cafe interior design which he implemented and a co-author of a project on development of the square and monument to Andrei Sheptytskyi in Lviv.
Yulia Zalomaikina
Kyiv /
Yuliia Zalomaikina is a Master student in Architecture at KNUCA specialized on renovation and restoration of architectural objects. Yuliia became interested in urbanism while she was participating in Dessau Summer School of Architecture. She was an intern at the architectural bureau of Jean-Jacques Hollard in Lyon. In 2015 Yuliia took part in an international Summer School «AACIMP» held by Kyiv Politechnical University, the Smart Cities sub-programme.