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STUDIO #2 'Tackling the Future of Ukrainian (Post)industrial Cities'

Do (post)industrial cities of Ukraine have a future? Have they truly become post- or do they still remain industrial? How to take a step forward from a utopian soviet past to a contemporary city without the utopian pretense? STUDIO #2 'Tackling the Future of Ukrainian (Post)industrial Cities' is aimed on finding answers to these questions and raising new ones through developing strategic scenarios and tactical proposals for Kramatorsk — an eastern Ukrainian city which has been chosen for the case study.
Type: Studio

Duration: Februrary 2016 – May 2016
Format: Full-time program with field-trip to the case-city
Language: English
Location: Kyiv

Number of Participants: 18
Program Structure

February 1 – 14, 2016

February 15 – March 8, 2016

March 9 – 30, 2016

March 31 – May 22, 2016

Education team:
Gunther Arber
CH / Zurich City Administration
Günther started his professional life with an apprenticeship and as a mechanic in the machine building industry. During his subsequent university studies in geography, social and economic history and cultural anthropology he focussed on urban topics. After a postgraduate degree in spatial planning at the Swiss Polytechnic University ETH in Zürich he worked for several years as a planner on the regional level. Today he is a head of the sociospatial unit and member of the board of the office for urban development in the mayor's department in Zürich. 2011 he added a postgraduate degree in Business Administration to his formation.
Marieke Berkers
NL / University of Amsterdam
Marieke Berkers is an Architectural Historian (MA) based in the Netherlands. She's an academic researcher, writer and lecturer. Berkers is a member of the Editorial Board of Blauwe Kamer, magazine Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, and of the Dutch Yearbook Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. As a researcher she cooperated in teams of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: researching the infrastructural developments of airport region Schiphol, Amsterdam. As a result, the book Megastructure Schiphol was published. In commission of the University of Amsterdam and embedded at Mediamatic she conducted a research project about urban development by means of organic growth. Currently, she's working on a collection of essays on nfrastructure and oil.
Michael Gentile
FI, SE / University of Helsinki
Michael Gentile, Ph.D. Urban Geography (Swedish) teaches urban geography and research methods at the University of Helsinki. His main research interests include "post-communist" cities, migration, urban poverty and, most recently, geopolitical identities. Most of his recent publications are related to developments in Ukraine and particularly in the Donbas region.
Bogdan Kapatsila
UA / CANactions School
Bogdan Kapatsila has an experience in the field of graphic and interior design of various individual and public projects . In his opinion, Urban Studies link private and public activities and he considers a function to be the core of his solutions. Besides his own practice, in 2014 he worked as an architect/ designer at RestoCamp in Ivano-Frankivsk and did an internship at several Ukrainian offices. Since last year, he has become a part of CANactions family, firstly as a student and later as a facilitator and
Miodrag Kuč
DE / Laboratory of Critical Urbanism
Miodrag Kuč is an interdisciplinary artist and urban theorist trained as architect / urban planner in various cultural settings. His work
explores the role of ephemeral structures in uncertain urban. He is founder of the studio ParaArtFormations which moves at the intersection of urban studies, performative-planning, artistic interventions and micro politics. Currenty he works as project coordinator at ZKU - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Centre for Art and Urbanistics) Berlin, exploring new ways of knowledge production through the lens of critical urban pedagogy.
Maria Kupriian
UA / CANactions School
Mariia Kupriian has written a master's thesis on renovation and adaptive reuse of cultural heritage property. Since 2014 Mariia has become an active participant and co-founder of an urban platform CityLab (Poltava). Being one of the key platform members she developed a conceptual design of Poltava сadet сorps. Mariia has also been a coordinator and co-organizer of an open workshop "Poltava, the Livable City". Mariia is actively involved in public and social projects of the city.
Andrius Nemickas
US & UA / CANactions School
Andrius is an urban development specialist who has combined both 'bottom-up' and 'top-down' strategies to revitalizing communities, creating economic opportunities, and alleviating poverty. In particular, he has focused on the role of entrepreneurship, SME development, economic clusters, and public policy in urban and regional dynamics. Andrius received a dual-degree MBA & MCRP from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the world's leading planning
institutions. He has lived in Ukraine since 1999.
Mirjam Niemeyer
DE, CH / heksinkizurich
Co-founder, Partner, CEO at helsinkizurich (Helsinki Zürich Office Ltd). Mirjam Niemeyer is a Designer, Researcher & Consultant working in the fields of Architecture, Urban Design and Planning. Research on the drivers and their urban development patterns in the zürcher Oberland. Mirjam is experienced at working in an international context, in the organization and management of teamwork, processes and events.
Stefan Roschi
CH / Zurich City Administration
Stefan is highly engaged in a social sector: among his educational achievements are Social Work Diploma, Non-Profit-Management Post Graduation, Master degree in Business Administration, etc. From 1989 he gained positions in such diverse social work areas as Drug addicts, Shelter for Homeless, Integration of Refugees, Projects for Unemployed people for integration, counseling and job-Service. Diversified Mr. Roschi even took various management positions in the Airline industry in private companies. Currently he is the head of the social center «Ausstellungsstrasse» in Zürich, Head of Social Urban Development Department, Member of the Board of Social Service in the City of Zürich.
Urs Thomann
CH / CANactions School
Urs is an urban planner, co-founder and curator of CANactions School for Urban Studies. He
worked for various planning offices in Switzerland where he was in charge of projects of different scales: from conurbations over city areas and village centers to city blocks and street spaces. He worked as a Consultant to the Research and Project Institute for Moscow City masterplan in order to prepare the 'Greater Moscow Competition'. Since 2012, Urs has been working in Ukraine, leading projects which are connected with strategic city development and also support culture change and capacity-building of professionals and civil servants. He curated the development of the 'Integrated Urban Transport and Spatial Planning Strategy' for Vinnytsia City Administration.
Vladyslav Tyminskyi
UA / CANactions School
Vladyslav is an architect, researcher and author. Since 2015 he is a director of the education program and a co-curator of STUDIO #2 at CANactions School for Urban Studies (Kyiv, Ukraine). In 2016 Vladyslav was a guest tutor at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Marseille (ENSA-M, France). In 2015 he graduated from STRELKA Institute for media, Architecture and Design (Moscow, Russia). In 2013 Vladyslav was an executive editor and an author of articles for the book "Urban Studies: Politics and Practices of Urban Renewal" supported by Heinrich Boell Foundation in Ukraine. Since 2012 Vladyslav has worked on his Ph.D. thesis "Principles of Strategic Spatial Planning as an Approach to Post-Soviet Cities' Development".
Anna Felicia Valdés
With a background in Social Science, an education at Hyper Island and work experience of being program manager at Hyper Island and now team coach at Ustwo - Anna Felicia's conviction is that collaboration between people is the way to ultimately create paradigm shift humanity needs to thrive on. Her latest experience at Ustwo has signified the uncompromisable importance of user-centred mindset and process when designing anything for anyone. This perspective is what Anna Felicia strongly believes is the key and she offers to share it with every creative mind.
Viktor Zotov
Ua / Zotov&Co
Viktor was born in 1963 in Mariupol, Ukraine. In 1986 he graduated from the architectural faculty of Institute of Building and Construction in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In 1986-1989 he worked as an architect in State Institute, Mariupol. In 1989-1992 he won residential block competition, worked as the chief architect at "Yunost" company in Mariupol, created especially for this project. During 1992 - 2003, he had been the founder and chief architect of "Architectural Bureau", Mariupol. Since 2004 he has been the founder and chief architect of Architectural Bureau "Zotov &Co", Kyiv. Since 2008, he has
been the founder and curator of International Architectural Festival CANactions, Kyiv. From 2015, he has also been the founder of CANactions School for Urban Studies.
Anastasiia Danyliuk
Kyiv /
Anastasiia Danyliuk is a Master student in Aesthetics at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv specialized on core issues of modern architecture. Due to these studies Anastasiia conceived that architecture is not only handsome buildings but complex system for our life. Such opinion helped her to include architecture in urban research and release her thesis. Also she is concerned in contemporary art which is also related to urbanism. In this aspect, Anastasiia realized herself as a guide at PinchukArtCentre, made her independent exhibition as independent curator and worked as intern at Kyiv Biennale 2015.
Anatolii Niemtsov
Lviv /
Tolik Niemtsov - architect, main fields of activity are parametric design, product design, black&white film photography. He has worked at Unika Architectura&Urbanism, NGO UrbanIdeas and Multi Development. Took part in organization of workshops, revitalization of public spaces and complex investigation of traditional market function in contemporary city structure. Member of social initiative "Save St. Jura Square".
Andriy Kucher
Kosmach /
Architecture, art and design
Andriy Kucher, holds the Masters degree in Architecture, author of scientific articles and fiction stories. I defended my thesis on "The typology of public spaces adjacent to Ukrainian churches" and founded the architectural agency "Kuleshka Architects." 10 % of agency's income supports a development of environment and preservation of cultural heritage of Rushir – territory of Kosmach village in Ukrainian Carpathians. Implemented project: Saint Nicholas Church and adjacent of cemetery in Rushir.
Vladislav Doroshenko
Poltava /
Engineer, Architect
Vladislav Doroshenko - a student architect, who lives and studies in Poltava. In previous years, learned graphic and digital design, while working at typography and web studio. He is engaged in cultural activity projects at his hometown.
Kateryna Kaminskaya
Dnipro /
Computer Science
Kateryna Kaminska is a project manager at «Yalantis», a mobile development company. She is 26 years old, finished more than 15 projects, traveled to 10 different countries, lived in 7 cities, owes 0 cats. Kate graduated from Scientific Complex "Institute for Applied System Analysis", NTUU «KPI», adores statistical data. Favorite things in life: coffee, meat, Android, snowboarding, lindy hop, Kyiv.
Kateryna Karelshtien
Kyiv /
City planning
Kateryna Karelstein- architect, city planner. She worked at a design construction bureau in Kiev. They designed eco-projects of factories in Russia and Kazakhstan. Afterwards, Kateryna started working as a freelance architect. Freelance experience has expanded her professional horizons and gave an opportunity to work on projects of reconstruction, interior design and construction of private buildings. Kateryna graduated from Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture, faculty of City planning. Now, her subject objective is urbanism and development of post-industrials cities and regions. She wants to evolve in this area.
Maria Smirnova
Odesa /
Maria Smirnova - a young Ukrainian architect. She graduated from the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in 2014, in specialty «Architecture of buildings and structures». Now she works at the architecture & design studio «Ampir» and is engaged in the construction and design of private and multistoried buildings.
Mykola Holovko
Pokrovsk /
In 2015 Mykola obtained Bachelor's degree in Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. Mykola is participant of architectural competitions, award winner of Steel Freedom Competition 2014, 2015. He has taken part in CANactions International Workshop "Telychka - A Place to Care". As a native of Donbas, he has always been concerned about future of postindustrial areas from childhood.
Mykola Vognick
Kyiv /
Political science
Mykola Vognyk - political scientist (MA), urban policy researcher and activist. Works with public participation and new urban movements. Convinced cyclist.
Olexandr Ovsianko
Kyiv /
Urban development and munitipal engeneering
Head of "Rente" construction company with specialization in horeca segment and creation of individual living spaces. Among the last works are: One Love Espresso Bar, Coffe and, Brow Bar One, Brown. He defended his diploma in Odessa , and then in Kiev with a degree in «Urban Construction and Management» . Additional specialization - « Real estate cost estimation expert» ; « Technical supervision in buildings construction «. Guest speaker of the European School of Design (Kyiv). Interests in urbanism - public space, urban sociology, the real estate market development.
Oleksiy Moskalenko
Shanghai & Kyiv /
International Economics
Has been engaged in market analytics in Shanghai for the past 5 years. Prior to this he was a staff member at global Expo 2010 that aimed to exchange visions regarding the future of the cities: «Better city, better life». Lived and carries cultures of cities from 10 thousand up to 24 million residents.
Olena Kozakova
Kamyanets-Podilsky /
Olena Kozakova is an architect, currently a PhD student. She graduated from the National Academy of Fine arts and Architecture. Olena participated in various scientific conferences and made publications. She is a Polish Erasmus for Ukraine scholarship holder and a member of self-government PhD students' organization of Gdansk Polytechnic University (PG). She has worked upon the historical-architectural Kyiv city plan.
Olya Gubinskaya
Kyiv /
Gubynska Olga - young architect, who is taking master's degree in KNUCA in the field of buildings' and structures' architecture. She is interested in integration of informational technologies in architecture and in nonfunctional cities' development. During her work in Greece as a guide she has been observing urbanistic problems on the example of small Greek cities. Together with the team she was developing the conseptual project of Karabash city (Russian Federation) revitalization, which is considered to be one of the most polluted cities in the world. Olga has a working experience in high-rise construction, she also participated in «73-d student conference» in 2013 and in Cardboard workshop in 2014.
Julia Porkhun
Chernivtsi /
Julia studied architecture in different institutions in three different Ukrainian cities - Chernivtsi, Lviv and Kyiv (currently pursuing the Masters' program), accumulating the best experiences from every place she spent time in. She worked as an illustrator and a graphic designer, a junior architect and a landscape architect, CAD specialist with a focus on parametric design, and between the work and studying she participated in a lot of workshops - all of that in order to find a place and activity to give all of her strengths to. Even though all of that gave her a very strong foundation, she always seeks for new knowledge. She is interested in what can we do to go beyond and expand the purpose and the means of architecture and urban planning for bringing the better changes in the environment we live in, or solutions to the current problems which go far beyond creating a nice facade or putting pretty interior or exterior decorations.